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The last Log update (QSLs status): 2024.01.19 13:02 UTC
OnlineLog v.2.0, by 019 & team

welcome to the QSL management online system
1 point: insert your call and click on search
2 point:now that you have checked that you are logged in selection for which station you want to ask for the qsl
3 point:now it has two possibilities of request, the first via direct, loved by the resident stations because even our friends
who live in rare areas, collect our qsl, the second via OQRS, use paypal or credit card, indicated for the dxpediton
*** if you have any problem write me via email ***

small useful information for the qsl request :
QSL via direct:QSL via OQRS
- SASE (Self-addressed stamped envelope), very important, without this you will not receive any confirmation, sending the envelope with your address facilitates the work of all qsl managers. Have respect for those who work a significant number of QSL cards and for each one should write the address, a huge waste of time.- After the search in the log, select "OQRS request" and click to "Send Requiste".

- Click to Paypal immage to entry in your paypal account
- NO REGISTRED MAIL , When the QSLs are sent as registered mail, it is not easy for the Manager to pick them up at the Post Office if by chance the postman does not find him at home. And, since the Manager takes longer to receive your letter, this delays the return of the QSL you are waiting for. Only ship as registered mail if this is the only way to ensure that the letter is correctly forwarded through your country's postal service. - Remember in the reasons for the transaction of paypal to insert, you call and you address

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